Amazon Private Label Services

Amazon Private Label Services

The idea of creating an asset in the form of a private label seems a fantasy. A few are able to realize this dream because finding the right product is a question that only a few can answer with experience. If you knew what to sell on Amazon, you would achieve instant business success. There is a long list of bestselling products on Amazon that you can find by just a simple Google search. However, everyone aspiring to launch a private label on Amazon knows that these top-selling items on Amazon are already taken and by the time their product reaches the warehouse, it is already too late. You need to work with a company that understands the importance of finding unique products to sell on Amazon.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Consultancy

If you’re interested in starting your own online business, it doesn’t get much better than selling private label products using Amazon’s Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) program. It’s pretty easy to do and there are a lot of tools in place to help you succeed. Below, I cover the nine basic steps to success.

Steps Involved in’s Amazon Private Label Services’s private label services take into consideration more than the bestselling products on Amazon. We look through not just the top-selling products on Amazon today but also the future. If you are wondering on what to sell on Amazon, you also need to consider that it has to be a long-term goal. If you want to carry your private label to the future with profitability, it has to have the potential to give you the returns that you are looking for. Leado Digital private label services spend a lot of time investigating each type of category where you can sell the products. We assist with the starting of your business online on AMZ. We can help you realize your dream of launching your own private label on Amazon using the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) fulfillment model. Besides our experience, we also deploy the latest tools to ensure that whatever we are suggesting is supported by statistical evidence of that product’s viability and profitability for the short to medium term.

How Do Our Amazon Private Label Services Work?

  • Step 1 - Brainstorm Ideas & Product Attributes

    The first step for our Amazon private label service is to select from what products to sell on Amazon. We go through the bestselling products on Amazon with bright prospects. We also consider specific product attributes including weight, seasonality, product regulation requirements, and ease of handling the product during shipment as well as delivery.

  • Step 2 - Conduct Advanced Market Research

    Once we have conducted the brainstorming session and used the tools to analyze different products with the best prospects for Amazon’s private label, it is now time to shortlist the best ones from the top-selling items shortlisted to sell on Amazon. This extensive research narrows down the product for the private label on Amazon that offers decent profit margins and returns.

  • Step 3 - Research & Shortlist Manufacturers

    The next step is to ensure that you are able to get the product at a price that makes the best commercial sense including using the FBA calculator. This is where we help our customers calculate the product price, shipping costs, and accordingly provide them with profit margin details. We also assist with ensuring the right quality of product to get positive reviews on Amazon.

  • Step 4 - Finalize Designing, Packaging & Launch

    The next step after finalizing the product and the manufacturer is to ensure design packaging to deliver the product in a way that it stands out from the competitors. LeadoDigital also provides support to help you launch your product as a private label, assisting with the listings, inventory management, launching and ranking using SEO and PPC.

Benefits of Hiring's Amazon private label private services

Low Competition Products for Amazon Private Label

One of the benefits of hiring Amazon private label services by is that we work hard to provide you with a product that has low competition. Even the bestselling products on Amazon have a lot of competition. Just determining the top-selling products on Amazon may not always be enough. A lot of customers come to us to ask “what can I sell on Amazon”. Well, you can sell products but the question to ask is that “what product can I profitably sell on Amazon”. Thus, hiring us with your product hunting, launching, and ranking can take out a lot of heartaches that you may endure if you hire a company that does not understand how the private label works on Amazon and why a lot of businesses fail to make any profits despite bleeding a lot of money on PPC.

Scalability of Amazon Private Label as an Asset

It is a good idea to create a fabulous asset out of the bestselling products on Amazon. However, for you to get to the top-selling products on Amazon, you must think about the future cash flows. If the product is seasonal in nature, has a lot of competition, or cannot be scaled to add more products, it is not scalable. LeadoDigital private label services assist customers with categories that are wide in nature and once successful with your AMZ store, you can always add more products. This helps increase the total value of your Amazon store as an asset and significantly contributes to its future cash flows. More cash flows will result in a higher value assigned to your private label once you decide to sell it in the market. At we fully understand the value of scalability in launching an Amazon private label.

Profitability and Product Attributes

Statistics can only do so much when it comes to private label launching on Amazon. There are many other factors that significantly contribute to the profitability. Unfortunately, not many Amazon private label services take into consideration such factors. At we do factor in these factors.

Here is a look at the different factors that help us make your Amazon private label launch even more profitable when selecting a product.

Not Complicated

At LeadoDigital our Amazon private label services take into consideration the complexity tied to each product. For instance, we do not suggest selling electronic products because they come up with a lot of customer service support issues and complaints. Similarly, fashion and clothing is difficult industry and there are so many sizes and colors that one needs to take care of under a single SKU.

A Check on Regulations

There are many locked categories or the ones we call regulated. These regulated Amazon product categories have their own barriers to entry. Categories related to kids, toys, medical equipment, and many others make selling the products a lot more difficult. Many customers want not to operate in a regulated Amazon private label category. Therefore, we provide Amazon private label services that stay clear of these regulator categories, thus providing you with product options that are easy to manufacture, distribute, and not required to go through a lot of legal documentation and certifications.

Small and Lightweight Products

Shipping and transportation expenses can be heart breakers when it comes to launching private label products. Our Amazon private label services emphasize the need to deliver lightweight and small products that are easy to handle. The product selected must not be breakable and if you want to ship some of the units via air freight, you can do so without worrying too much about the transportation. Since transportation going wrong with your Amazon private label product can significantly alter the fate of your product’s profitability. Secondly, customer reviews can really start going south because your product was not easy to deliver or the shipping delays started impacting your store’s presence on Amazon.

Not Seasonal in Nature

One of the top considerations for us as a company that offers world-class Amazon private label services is to ensure that we do not provide you with a product that is seasonal in nature. What’s the point of selling something that does not stand the test of times? We focus on delivering ever-green products so that you do not have to worry about the dip in your sales and profits as soon as the season starts to change. Since we put a high value on the consistency of the cash flows that you are going to get if you choose to hire our Amazon private label services.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Amazon FBA Wholesale Services

What is Amazon private label?

An Amazon FBA business, is a business that you set up to find the products to sell on Amazon after going through supplier selection, ordering of products, packaging, shipping, launching, and ranking them to make sales. As the name, FBA suggests it is a fulfillment order by Amazon or FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). An Amazon private label business is an enterprise that you establish to sell products on Amazon that you have control over including their branding, logos, name of the business, and everything else. The benefit of launching a private label that is registered and established as such with the Amazon brand registry is that no one can sell that same brand since you have the proof of ownership and exclusive right to do. LeadoDigital helps entrepreneurs create private labels via its Amazon private label services.

How much time does it take to complete to find and launch a private label product on Amazon?

It is a very relative and subjective question. Finding the bestselling products on Amazon is time-consuming. After you determine what sells the most on Amazon, you will need to shortlist the best profitable product from the bestselling products on Amazon. It depends a lot on the product you selected and the season in which you are going to launch it. The closer we are towards the fourth quarter, the more time it usually takes since the level of business activity on Amazon and new private-label launches increase significantly just before the fourth quarter. Even after launch and your inventory is in Amazon warehouses, there can be other unseen delays or even a need for running aggressive Amazon Advertising campaigns before you can see your product’s most money driving keywords getting ranked in AMZ SERPs.

Why is it so expensive to launch a private label product on Amazon?

The bestselling products on Amazon face a lot of stiff competition. Everyone wants to launch a private label for the bestselling items on Amazon. It is considerably easy now with all the tools like Jungle Scout and Helium to find what to sell on Amazon to make money. But that also means everyone looking to launch a private label has access to those tools. Thus, the level of competition means more money required to run Amazon PPC campaigns for longer periods of time to deliver the results that they need. The expenses are relative and may vary significantly depending a lot on the product as well as the experience of the experts who have launched and ranked the product on Amazon.

Is it difficult to launch a private label on Amazon?

Yes and no. The bestselling products on Amazon are faced with competition. A lot depends on product hunting since a lot of profitable products have already been taken by others who have launched their products on Amazon. Therefore, the difficulty question is very subjective and you must factor in the different variables that can determine the level of difficulty that one is going to face, the category that they have selected, the budget that they have, and the competition that their private label brand is going to face on Amazon before you are able to successfully turn it into an asset.

Do you have any experience in launching Amazon private label products?

Yes, we have experience in launching bestselling products on Amazon. We do not just go on to Google and Pinterest to find out the bestselling items on Amazon. We take the time to understand the market and category in which you want to launch your PL. There are a lot of evaluations that go into consideration before we help you decide which product is the best and has higher chances of becoming a hit on the AMZ retail marketplace.

How is an Amazon Private Label an Asset?

Investors with deep pockets are always looking for big businesses with solid cash flows to invest the money. They want Amazon private label businesses having successfully established an enterprise based on the bestselling items on Amazon. There exist websites where such Amazon stores can be sold based on the three years’ cash flow projections. One such website is where you can flip an asset and get the money to start a new one from scratch. This ability to sell your Amazon private label at a much higher price based on future cash inflows makes them an asset for which there exists a real market.

What is the investment breakdown for launching an Amazon private label?

The investment breakdown is simple when it comes to Amazon’s private label launch.’s private label services lay down the expenses as follows. Please keep in that it is difficult to determine the exact budget required.

40% inventory, 40% marketing20% miscellaneous (any extra costs that may be required).

What is the ideal budget for a Private Label launch on Amazon?

Since we started offering Amazon private label services, the budget has changed a lot. The increased competition means it is not easy to put the exact amount required for successfully launching a private label on Amazon. However, expect the budget to be anywhere upwards of $40,000.